What is Skill-Based Education?

Skill-based learning, or technical or trade school education, concentrates on developing specific job or field aptitudes. Technical education was once considered the path to a middle-class working wage with limited career growth. Increasing dependence on high-paced and advancing technology in every industry has created a demand for a new workforce that embraces rapid upskilling.

There are many unexplored higher education institutions, and many have the potential to place students on the same career path as college, but in less time and at lower costs. Additionally, skill-based learning institutions have adapted to the workforce changes and developed robust programs. Some even work in tandem with colleges, potentially making students more marketable than students pursuing the traditional route right after high school.

Students have long been taught that college is the best means to a successful future, but the modern world has opened doors to things we had never seen before, including new jobs that did not exist before the age of computers. Almost half of our country is interested in options other than college and Education Alliances is rising to the challenge.  We are committed to helping students identify all their options to ensure they choose a higher education pathway that best fits their needs.  

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What companies are shifting towards skill-based hiring?

Skill-based education is redefining the workforce, and companies are changing job requirements. With shortages in the labor market, companies like Apple, Dell, Accenture, Best Buy, IBM, and LinkedIn are changing their approach to expand their applicant pool with individuals capable of furthering their business outcomes.