Higher Education Pathways

Are you interested in learning about alternative higher education opportunities beyond college?  Book our Higher Education Pathways service, and we will help you find the best program that meets your needs.  

This program includes:

A Career and Personality Profile Assessment based on Myers-Briggs that identifies student strengths, interests, and matching careers.

Online meeting with a certified team member and expert to evaluate the assessment with the student and explore opportunities.

Assistance in identifying postsecondary goals and exploring higher education options to fit students' needs and preferences.

Our team will design a matrix of recommendations and options that support students in achieving their goals.

Check if you qualify for our Higher Education Pathway Services at No Cost

If you qualify for free and reduced lunch, you may be eligible to receive our Higher Education Pathway services for free. 

Download the informational flyer and review the requirements for eligibility.  Students that qualify should complete the application as instructed in the handout.