I met Dr. Villaflor by chance while studying for a biology test.  She asked what career I was studying for, and when I told her computer design, she asked me why I was studying biology?  I didn't know what there were other options. She told me about Texas State Technical College and talked to my mom.  I think my mom was more excited about TSTC than I was! I start TSTC this summer in an 18-month program in Digital Media Design. This was the best chance meeting I've ever had because it changed my life!   

AJ Mitchell, Student

I believed my son should be invested in his future, which meant applying to colleges was his responsibility.  I did not know how complex it was nor that he was confused until he asked for help. He had not made any progress, and the deadline was only three weeks away, so I called Education Alliances.  They helped him write all six essays, complete four college applications, and found a place to volunteer to improve his application.  They also helped us apply for financial aid, register for the ACT, and a prep course in just THREE WEEKS!  My son got his acceptance letter from his first-choice college!  We are so thankful for Education Alliances.  We could not have done it without them!

Tyra Jenning, Parent & Client

We did the consultation with Education Alliances.  The rep told us things I didn't know, but I was still unsure about paying for a service.  With some help from the school, surely we could figure out everything.  We emailed the guidance counselor with a question, but it took two weeks for a reply, and all we got were slides with instructions.  I emailed the rep at EA.  In a couple of hours, we had an answer, and she sent us a bunch of helpful information.  The rep also recommended one of their online parent seminars.  I was shocked at how much we didn't know.  High school is different than when I was a kid!  I have to say, getting the information we need and knowing we are doing everything right is worth every penny.  

Charles Linder, Parent & Client

I wanted to go to UT and thought I would need to major in business since I'm interested in it.  I needed help with my college essays, so my mom called Education Alliances.  My tutor was amazing!  I also talked to their college counselor.  We talked about jobs I was interested in and the right major.  I found out I could major in math and have a better chance of getting in.  I didn't know how hard it was to get into the business school until my friend was rejected.  I couldn't believe it when I got my acceptance letter!!! 

Lindsey Walers, Student & Client