Education Alliances
A Nonprofit Organization

Our world is undergoing one of the most significant workforce transformations in history, so powerful that we must reinvent how we prepare students to become college and career ready. Education Alliances is dedicated to creating sustainable communities by promoting social equity and economic vitality by broadening the awareness of all the higher education pathways that will prepare students for our rapidly-growing high-tech world. 

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Our Mission

We are committed to helping every student complete a form of higher education, including college, technical school, job training, professional certification, or the military, for financial independence and a self-sustainable future.

Who We Help

It is never too early to start thinking about the future. Our program's effectiveness is unparalleled when students begin before entering high school. 

This is a change in mindset, and we proudly aim to disrupt the multi-century process of becoming college and career ready. Students considered economically disadvantaged are eligible for sliding-scale prices.

What We Do

We create education to career pathways beginning where the students are and helping them discover where they want to go. We are a one-stop shop for all student needs. Using a career-focused approach, we design individually tailored plans based on the following:

- current academic needs
- career interests
- higher education goals
- aligned professional certifications
- aligned extracurricular activities
- online skill-based courses and programs related to career
- connect students to hands-on opportunities

Additionally, we build a matrix of academic support to address current needs while teaching them about credentialing and different higher education opportunities.  

Education Alliances is Making an Impact

Improved Achievement

Whether a student plans to attend college or is interested in exploring alternatives, career-focused planning provides meaning to what students are learning.  The result is students understand the purpose of their learning, which improves academic achievement while diminishing the achievement gap.

Redressing Learning Gaps

As subject matter education builds on itself, learning gaps are detrimental to academic achievement. The pandemic has exacerbated these challenges, but skill-based learning can redress learning gaps that limit opportunities.

Social Justice

Educational services can be costly, and many students that struggle in school do not receive the help they need. Providing every youth equal access to academic support breaks down barriers, especially for students in historically marginalized communities.   

Economic Advancements

Our focused approach decreases school loan debt, increases personal financial sustainability, and increases skilled labor.  These have a positive impact on local and global economies. The scalability has no limits because we capitalize on modern technology where there are no boundaries.

College Dropout Crisis

50% of college students at public universities drop out before graduating.  Almost half of parents are interested in options other than college but do not know where to begin. We show parents and students every higher education pathway to achieve their goals.

Skilled Workforce

Whether students know they are college-bound or are open to other options, our work is grounded in skill-development that prepares students for the workforce.  Through credentialing and exploring hybrid models of higher education, we are preparing students for the future.

Why Choose Education Alliances?

Experience & Expertise

We are a team of certified educators.  Nearly 70% of the members have at least twenty-five years experience so we know education.  Almost 90% have at least ten years of experience.  We know education.

Designed with Purpose

We serve the educational needs for students in grades K-12.  Whether we offer the service or partner with someone that does, our organization was designed to foster trusting relationships.

Nonprofit Organization

Find comfort in collaborating with an organization founded, led, and employed by educators rather than entrepreneurs in a for-profit business.  

Support Diversity

Working with us means support for a minority and woman owned start-up that is considered a disadvantaged enterprise.